ToyBox Films presents “Play Serious” with Whitechapel’s First Thursdays / by ToyBox Films

ToyBox n. stockpile of imaginative tools from which to build, explore and engage.

‘Imagination’ could be defined as the action of producing ideas and images which are not present or have not yet been experienced. ToyBox is a collective of filmmakers shuffling the building blocks of imagination and creativity through the openness of play. From this foundation, artistic expression can take countless forms.

“Play Serious” invites the spectator to witness a compilation of fleeting moments when a cast and crew give way to a scene. The action becomes the embodiment of the story unfolding in real time.

ToyBox Films has worked on a very wide and varied range of productions, from documenting Marina Abramovic’s “512 Hours” durational performance for The Serpentine Galleries to constructing original live action short films backed by Film London, the BBC, the European Commission and Vestnorsk Filmsenter.